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Sub Accounts fully featured OR upgradable to Master Accounts

Either allow Sub Accounts (via it's Master Account) to connect to Facebook, use real names, use profile picture, send name requests, use the share button, Twitch stream, etc., OR allow Sub Accounts to be upgraded to Master Accounts.

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    tdb shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • minkscooter commented  · 

        2017 and still unresolved? Am I missing something?!

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        At this point the argument has become allow us to turn sub accounts of any age into master accounts. In some places there aren't as many restrictions and some of us would like to twitch stream if we have the accounts and are like a year off from 18. I'm the only one who can use my ps4 at the moment for Christ's sake but because I'm a nice person I get stuck behind the most stupid wall in history. I think it would be more effective to just let the master account decide when to upgrade a sub account

      • Patrick commented  · 

        This is soooooo stupid, u should be able to upgrade

      • colby stone commented  · 

        I first created my account when i was under 18, so I followed the rules and had my parents create a master account and i had a sub-account. Now because of this I am restricted to lots of great features like sharing my game play. I am now over 18 and cannot upgrade my account to a master account? So years of game play, money spent on games, trophy's, finding friends, and loyalty are going down the drain. Good job Sony.

      • Benjamin Smith commented  · 

        This needs to be addressed!!! I've worked too damn hard for my platinum trophies; I ain't losing them just because in two years time, when I'm 18, I still can't go on the age appropriate games it's blocking now! I mean for christs-sake, I'm over 15 let me at least go on COD 5 multiplayer!

      • Paradisconoir commented  · 

        Son has sub-acc, he wasn't old enough for a master-acc, now he is. He cannot transfer from sub to master. When new master he LOOSES all trophies and old paid downloads. Also now he has NO online/NO multiplayer option, i.e. CoD AW.

      • John Priest commented  · 

        I am very disappointed that I cant use my sub account to stream or do any of the things my master account can do! Im 36 and I haven't used my Master account for anything apart from to add funds for my sub account for many many years. This was mainly down to the name tag being too long and too easy to see on shoot em up games such as COD. I have many records on my sub account which I am proud of and many many down loads. All I want to do is change my main sub account to the master and the master account to my sub account. Surly this should just be a simple process!!!! I am really not happy about this at all and don't understand what the big deal is?

        I also feel for the sub account users who are children turning into adults should be able to convert to a master account. The whole situation really needs to be looked at and sorted out. Even though there are only 1,954 votes to date on this request I can guarantee there will be potentially millions of users feeling exactly the same!!!!

        Please look into this going forward as you will have many users who are not happy and may just by an xbox if this sorted out!

      • Paul Russell commented  · 

        I own a PS3 and I've been using a sub-account for more than 3 years. I refuse to make a new account and lose everything, but i'm really sick of all the sub-account nonsense.

      • buffy3453 commented  · 

        ok i had a ps3(getting it back) i have a vita and a ps4 i started at 17 and now im 18 and im wanting use all features on all consoles and share my gameplays all that... sony please fix this, take my votes too

      • Shawn commented  · 

        It's bull that I can't use all the features of my ps4!! I paid for next gen, not last gen problems.

      • xXiNiXx commented  · 

        Here take al my votes! Fix this please. I own a PS3, a VITA and a PS4 and I've been using a subaccount on all consoles for more than 5 years. I don't want to dump all my purchases...

      • Nate commented  · 

        It has gone on for FAR too long.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I have been a dedicated PSN user since 2008 and back then I had to make a sub account due to my age and my dad having a master account, and now I have been of age for a couple of years now and I don't want to lose everything I have earned over the years just so I can get some features that I SHOULD BE FULLY ENTITLED TO as a PlayStation user. I recently obtained a PS4 and when I wanted to use the share feature I was greeted by a message saying that I can't use it. Please sort this Sony, I don't want to loose all of those hours of gaming just for some features that I should be allowed to use now.

      • Juan commented  · 

        By younger brother is a sub account of mine and he hates not being able to share his "awesome kills". Please fix this sony!

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        AGREE..FIX THIS SONY, my son is 22 & stuck with sub account if he wants to keep all his trophies, namertag, history


      • Wes Metcalf commented  · 

        This page now mentions 'Child' and 'Youth' Sub Accounts. Youth Sub can link to social networks. Doesn't mention the 'Share' button.


        Doesn't seem to be implemented yet and I cannot find any more information on this change, but hopefully this means things are changing in regards to Sub and Master Accounts, although it does also say that Child Sub Accounts cannot become Youth Sub Accounts and Youth Sub Accounts cannot become Master Accounts...

        Wonder where that leaves current Adults on Sub Accounts that seem to be set as 'Child' Accounts. Hopefully at least they get changed to 'Youth' Accounts until they allow transition to Master Accounts.

        Anyone know any more about Child and Youth Sub Accounts?

      • nikki1980 commented  · 

        This needs to change... I originally set up one master that I wanted to use just for billing stuff and then made a sub account underneath for gaming. I am 33 now, so was never underage in the first place.
        So now I have played for 4+ years on my sub account and have Level 16 on trophies, so I never want to lose this progress..

        But now on PS4 I have a SHARE button on my controller that I can never use and I also cannot play Warframe.

        The restrictions make no sense as I can talk to people online and play 18+ games which surely should be the two things kids are not allowed to do???

        I would understand if the restrictions made sense, but how is sending a video of a game to a friend more "adult" than talking on a headset with complete strangers???

        They need to sort this once and for all as we spend a fortune on our gaming habits and I don't like being shafted in return.

      • Kenneth marshall commented  · 

        I think it's bull that sub accounts can't use all the functions on the ps4 I'm 42 and use a sub account because I didn't like the online name I first made so I made a sub that I did this is rediculos

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